Case Evaluation

Our method of practicing law differs from many other attorneys.

We believe strongly that the client is part of the entire process, and that a successful attorney-client relationship begins and ends with frequent, candid, communication.

Our first contact is usually done over the phone and takes about 10-20 minutes. This step involves Michael’s description of the particular area of law a client inquires about and answering general questions about the law and legal process.

Next is an office consultation that lasts about an hour and is geared towards gathering facts, answering specific questions about the case, and discussing options. After the consultation, the client usually decides whether to proceed with retaining Michael Silverman.

Once retained, the clients and Michael meet for an extremely in-depth intake that reviews every detail of the case and the people involved. After the intake is completed, Michael outlines your options, provides his opinion on how best to proceed, and what to expect.

Working closely with clients enables Michael to get the details of the case, while building a bond that encourages communication and honesty.

The result: top-notch legal services delivered in a personal, caring manner that makes a client feel welcome.

To start your case evaluation, call our office at 443-538-1043.