Child Custody

When a marriage or relationship ends, the question of child custody and access can create enormous stress, anxiety, anger, and a host of other emotions.

Michael Silverman can review your situation and provide clear and concise advise. If necessary, Michael can call on other resources such as mediators, parent coordinators, best interest attorneys, and a range of mental health professionals to assist with your case.

Often, the first course of action is to attempt to negotiate a resolution consistent with each child’s best interest. Michael will work to create an access/visitation schedule that’s appropriate for each child and sustainable by each parent.

If negotiations and mediation fail, Michael is an experienced and determined litigator. When you hire Michael, you will have a strong, steadfast, no non-sense, advocate in court.

After child custody/access is determined, Michael can assist you with enforcing the agreement or court order as necessary.

Often times, the most useful tool to enforce agreements and court orders is the filing of a contempt of court action. Michael has filed and successfully litigated hundreds of such cases.

As children grow older and circumstances change, previous agreements and court orders may no longer be in a child’s best interest. If you believe that has occurred, Michael can review your case with you and determine whether a modification should be sought.

The goal in all child access cases is to help clients reach an acceptable agreement consistent with each child’s best interests.

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