When a married couple separates or divorces, sometimes it is appropriate or necessary for the dominate income earner to provide financial assistance to the other party. This financial assistance is usually referred to as Alimony.

Michael Silverman can analyze your case, including your financial circumstances and that of your spouse, and provide advice as whether you may be entitled to Alimony or whether you’re likely to have to pay your spouse Alimony.

Michael will also provide advice regarding the likely amount and duration of any Alimony award.

After Alimony is agreed upon, or ordered by the court, the payments must be made as agreed or ordered. Should that not happen, Michael can act to enforce the court order, or agreement, in an expeditious manner.

As circumstances change, sometimes it’s appropriate for Alimony to be modified or terminated. Michael can review your case and provide advice as to whether seeking a modification, or termination, of the Alimony is appropriate.

You deserve a fair assessment of your financial needs and obligations. Michael Silverman will work with you to ensure that happens.

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