Establishing visitation rights for non-custodial parents is often times crucial for the well being of the children involved. Children generally benefit when both parents are active and involved in their lives.

Michael Silverman can assist you with negotiating an appropriate visitation schedule or with bringing the matter before the court, if negotiations are unsuccessful.

Michael can also call on other resources such as mediators, parent coordinators, best interest attorneys, and a range of mental health professionals to assist with your case.

In the event that a parent isn’t abiding by the visitation schedule, Michael works with his clients to address this type of behavior.

Modifying a parents visitation rights is also a service that Michael provides, with the same degree of care and concern that he shows all other parent/child related matters.

Establishing or modifying visitation rights and addressing problems with visitation require the skills and knowledge of an attorney like Michael Silverman. His experience in this area spans more than two decades.

Visitation should benefit the child and the parents, if it is not, contact Michael Silverman.

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