Divorce, Separation, & Annulment

Making the decision to end a relationship, or learning your partner is ending your relationship, involves a great deal of stress and anxiety.

Michael works to lessen that stress and anxiety by providing his clients with detailed legal advice and insights into the legal process behind a divorce, separation, or annulment.

Michael also shares his thoughts and experiences, from almost two decades of practice, regarding the emotional and personal aspects of these matters.

When you contact Michael, he will briefly discuss your situation with you over the telephone. If appropriate, an appointment to meet and discuss your case further will be scheduled.

After retaining Michael, the next step is a detailed intake that covers the parties’ incomes, assets, relationship history, child rearing history and everything else that may be relevant to your case or situation.

Michael will then review your expectations and goals and compare them to the range of outcomes you can reasonably anticipate if the matter were, out of necessity, litigated.

You’ll receive his recommendations regarding your best first step – this could involve engaging in mediation, the drafting of a settlement proposal, direct negotiations, participating in a collaborative law process, or filing suit.

Throughout the process, Michael functions as a confidant, counselor, and advocate. His decades of experience as a family law practitioner equip him to provide clear and concise advise.

If you’re considering, or need assistance with, a divorce, separation, or annulment, contact Michael Silverman today at 443-538-1043.