Child Support

Making sure your child’s financial needs are addressed appropriately after a marriage or relationship ends often requires the assistance of an experienced family law practitioner like Michael Silverman.

Michael Silverman has worked with over a thousand parents to establish or modify child support obligations. He has also worked with an equal number of parents to ensure their child support agreements and orders are complied with.

Working with Michael, you’ll review the financial and other factors used to determine each parent’s child support obligation and then, as necessary, engage the other parent in negotiations or bring a suit in court.

After an agreement is reached or order issued, the child support obligation must be fully complied with by everyone involved.

If child support payments are late, or not made at all, there are several options. These include, but are not limited to, filing a petition for contempt, garnishing wages, having bank accounts garnished, and having property seized and sold.

Contact Michael Silverman to discuss your options regarding child support, he’ll work with you to make sure each parent lives up to his or her obligations.

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