Property Division

When a couple divorces, their Marital Property must be addressed.

Marital Property is generally defined as everything acquired during the marriage, except those things acquired via a gift from a third party or via an inheritance.

Marital Property may include pension and retirement plans, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, businesses, land, buildings, household and personal items, and many other objects.

An attorney can be extremely valuable when addressing Marital Property. This is particularly true because Maryland is an equitable division state.

In other words, there is no presumption that the Martial Property should be divided equally. One spouse could end up with all of the marital property or a percentage higher or lower than fifty percent.

Michael Silverman has represented clients in over a thousand cases involving the division of various types of Marital Property.

Some of those cases were highly complex matters involving businesses and assets worth millions of dollars. Others, while no less important, involved only automobiles or personal property.

Regardless of the nature and extent of your Marital Property, Michael will work closely with you to ensure a just resolution.

The division of Marital Property shouldn’t leave you without your fair share of the assets. Contact Michael Silverman to discuss your case.

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